Monday, September 14, 2015

Rotation 1 in the Art Room

Important announcements from your art teachers:

*Move Over Famous Artists! Harmony Elementary School artists are taking over the spotlight!  Mrs. Connell and Mrs. Anderson, the school's Art Teachers, have teamed up with Artsonia, -- the world's largest online kid's art museum -- to display the students' artwork. Anyone can view the school gallery online at: Visitors can browse the artwork in the school gallery by grade level, or by specific exhibits. This program is a wonderful way to get parents and family members more involved in Art Education! Artsonia provides several online features such as fan clubs and personal guestbooks, as a way for families to encourage the creativity and imaginations of their young artists. Be sure to take a look! We will continue to update your child’s gallery throughout the year.  We will be sending home login and passcodes for our new Huskies very soon. 

*Be sure to check out our Harmony Art Blog at !  Here you will find pictures of what we are creating in the art room. 

*Be sure to find and follow us on Facebook, too!

*We are participating in Art to Remember this year!  More information to come, but watch for order forms the first week of November.

*Mark your calendars…Huskypalooza will be held on May 21st, 2016 from 5-8pm!!!

*Are you able to help with supplies for the art room? Here are a few things on our wish list that we can put to great use:
-small toys or prizes for the Mystery Item game (these can be gently used…think old Happy Meal toys or little trinkets)
-large frames that can be repurposed (preferably 12x18 or larger…can contain art or not)

What are we learning and creating in the art class?

We are off to a great start in the art room! During the first art rotation, each grade level focused on an element of art.

Kindergarteners learned about COLOR.  They learned about the primary colors and explored what happens when primary colors mix...secondary colors! They put their color mixing skills to the test while creating popsicle paintings.

First graders worked with LINE.  They practiced making various types of lines as they created dachshund line art. 

Second graders also worked with COLOR by mixing primary colors to create secondary colors.  They explored the color wheel and complimentary colors while creating a color wheel umbrella piece.

Third graders learned about SHAPE and TEXTURE.  They stamped Legos into paint and designed their own castles.  Then, they added texture by working with texture plates.

Fourth graders learned about FORM and TEXTURE.  They used scraps of paper to create 3D collages.  They also worked on using texture as they designed and created their own stamp.  Finally, they created graphic textured art.

Fifth graders focused on SHAPE and VALUE.  They created symmetrical, abstract designs and added interest by adjusting the value within the piece.

Be sure to check out our hallway art displays next time you’re at Harmony.  We have some phenomenal artists!!!

Have a great day!
~Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Connell
Harmony Art Teachers

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