About Mrs. Connell

My name is Allison Connell and I have the privilege of being an art teacher at Harmony Elementary!  

I am very fortunate to be in a career that I absolutely love.  I appreciate how special it is to have a job that is a joy, and I am so grateful!
The art classroom can be very busy and hectic (and messy!) but it is also a wonderfully fun and loving place.  I am so fortunate to spend my day making art with inquisitive, caring and joyful children. I care very much for each of them!

Most of my leisure time is spent making art, reading, and playing outdoors with my family.   My darling baby girl Margaret is 5 years old and now a Harmony KinderPup!
We enjoy making art together!  This is my 14th year teaching art.

After three wonderful years job-sharing with the fabulous Mrs. Anderson, I am thrilled to be back in the art room full time.  


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