About Art Class

In art class we.....

•Spend most of our time involved in hands-on art projects
•Develop critical problem-solving skills as we work through the art making process
•Learn that we are each individual artists capable of making our own artistic decisions
•Have fun with a variety of art media and art processes, such as: paint, crayon, oil pastel, chalk pastel, printmaking, fiber art, ceramics and many more!
•Learn the fundamentals of color theory
•Learn about the Elements of Art: line, color, shape, form and texture
•Learn how artists organize the Elements of art to show the Principles of Design: Balance, Contrast, Emphasis and Pattern
•Spend time looking at and talking about art
•Write about our own and other's art
•Learn about other cultures and time periods through art, including Native American, West African, Colonial American and Appalachian

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