Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rotation 3

What are we learning and creating in the art class?


During our third art rotation, we are creating clay projects.  We are learning about the elements of line, shape, and texture as well as the principle of pattern.  We are also exploring the purposes of art.   Students are learning and practicing strategies for working with clay.  This is a popular art rotation!

Kindergarteners are creating clay owls.  First graders are creating gratitude pouches from clay.  Second graders are creating pinch pots.  Third graders are creating Native American storytellers.  Fourth graders are creating Native American spirit sticks or necklaces.  Fifth graders are creating dragons.   

Be sure to check out our hallway art displays next time you’re at Harmony.  We are so proud of our young artists!!!

Important announcements from your art teachers: 

*Be sure to check out our Harmony Art Blog!  Here you will find pictures of what we are creating in the art room. 
*Be sure to find and follow us on Facebook, too.  www.facebook.com/HarmonyElementaryArt
*If you haven’t registered your child’s Artsonia account, please do so by November 30th.  If 50% of our students have registered accounts, we get a $100 gift card to use on art supplies!!!  If you don’t have your child’s login, let me know and I can send it to you. 
*HOLIDAY SPECIAL!  You can buy custom gifts featuring your child’s artwork on Artsonia.  Visit http://www.artsonia.com/gifts/products.asp to see all the gift options.  Get 25% off one regular priced item using this code: HOLIDAYFUNDS14.  A portion of the proceeds goes directly to the art budget for consumable materials
*Are you able to help with supplies for the art room? Here are a few things on our wish list that we can put to great use:

-small toys or trinkets

-small cookie cutters to use with clay

-wooden stamps to use with clay